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"Everything is kind of magical in here. " (excited guest)

"Thanks for everything, you were wonderful... " (Irena)

"This hotel will have great future " (unknown guest)

"We hadn’t felt better at home " (Pejovic Milutin)

"I have spent two months in this hotel and I can say following: - my room was always cozy, warm and clean; - my bed was comfortable, every day made with perfectly clean pillows and sheets; - my bathroom was always clean, and there were new towels every day; - hotel personnel was always polite, courteous, happy to help and to make you feel pleasant; Because of all above I recommend this hotel. " (Dr. Dragan H. Gavrilović Ph.D. , Nood-Ridge, New Jersey, USA)

"This is the best hotel in world, and I will always remember it. " (Ana Todorović)

"Thanks for hospitality in this period and friendly personnel that welcomed us here. We had a good time and we are hopping to visit again. Thanks a lot. " (Al Ahly Club, Cairo)

"I would like to recommend staying in Hotel N, because it is very friendly place and food is good. Belgrade is very interesting city and good place to visit for holyday. " (Norman, Hungary)

"It is pleasure to know about you and to be with you." (Vanja)

"Hotel is good, have quality and likable." (Group of tourists from France)

"I consider that Hotel N is very comfortable and welcoming with good prices. Room is clean and quiet, services are quick and with quality, and cuisine have lots of gourmand specialties. To this I add a fact that all necessary shops are near by and there is tram line to center of town. Thank you for great stay. P.S. Personnel on reception is always helpful and with smile." (Alfred Cachia, Malta)

"Very kind personnel. I hade pleasant stay in Belgrade. Belgrade is great town." (Tobias Kumbel, Germany)

"I am pleasantly surprised with services, accommodation and restaurant. Many thanks and good luck." (Guest from Slovakia)

"We were thrilled with welcome, stay and politeness of all in hotel." (Andrejić Bogdan, Niš)

"This is very comfortable hotel. Thanks a lot." (Takamiyagi Shigery, Okinawa-Japan)

"During 5 days stay, I saw high quality of your services and that is everything is there to make guest feel good. Just continue that way." (Ostojić V. Milan, Valjevo)