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The Hotel is consists of two parts, “A” part and “B” part and at the moment we have 130 rooms. All the rooms have modern mattresses, bathrooms with showers and SOS phones, TV with over 80 cable and satellite channels, phones with direct lines, hair dryer. The Hotel has a modern Fire Safety System consisting of a central board at the reception and pager in every room and every corner of the hotel.

„A“ part is recently renovated and the structure of the rooms are:

  • rooms „Exactly“ and „Superior“ are with double bed for couples or single persons. Each one has the bathroom with a shower, hair dryer, SOS phone. Every room has mini-bar, air condition and wi-fi connection. Some of the „Superior“ rooms have safes. The differents between „Exactly“ and „Superior“ room is at the size. The room „Superior“ is few square metres bigger.

  • rooms "Junior" are single with one bed
  • rooms „Comfort“ have two separate beds, bathrooms with showers and hair dryer, SOS phones, mini-bars, air condition and wi-fi connection. The rooms are very large.
  • and The Apartmants, each one has bedroom and living room. They also have two bathrooms, the bigger is with a tub and the smaller is with shower. Hair driers in every bathroom and SOS phones, air conditions, mini-bars and wi-fi connection. There is a king size bed in a bedroom and a spare bed ( double bed ) in living room. In total we have 3 Apartmants.

“B” part consists of standard economic rooms:

  • rooms “Normal” are single rooms
  • rooms “Classic” are double bed rooms and it can be used as a single or double rooms
  • rooms “Standard” are twin rooms with two separate beds
  • rooms “Sport” are triple rooms with three separate beds

All the rooms have bathrooms with a shower, hair dryer and SOS phone. Most of the rooms have air conditions and wi-fi connection. You can order a mini-bar any part of a hotel.